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Stepping in as CTO to organize exiting technical resources and develop a plan for product development and customer acquisition.

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Contract to upgrade Inventory control systems from .Net 1.1 to current technologies and structure. Reducing code by as much as 50% through implementation of common API and reusable Nuget and clientside components.

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Intense front end development to bring the action from the sports field to the browser in under six seconds! Latest front end technologies used to five daily Fantasy Sports the best user experience possible.

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Pushing health management to the client and to your neighborhood pharmacy with interactive and interconnected kiosks and supporting user and administrative web based dashboards.

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Contemporary technologies to provide a nimble and agile application to supplement a monolithic inventory management system. Automating processes to better facilitate daily research and inventory management.

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Building applications to support the Department of Defense. From Family and Relocation Services to HealthCare and Wounded Warrior Counseling, applications built on top of a proprietary content management system used to help our countries service men and woman.

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Polyglot Programmer, Technical Leader, Perpetual Autodidact, and Technology Fanatic

My career has been dedicated to start-up and growing companies by building their technology teams and increase product offering. The thrill of creating, leading and contributing to a team from inception to successful project delivery is my primary goal with any organization. Helping to choose the right technologies, the proper architecture, and implement the necessary process to produce the right solution for the organization is an essential skill that I enjoy continuing to strengthen through every project. I pride myself in being able to quickly learn, adapt and change to meet the needs of the project, the team, and the organization.

In my free time enjoy keeping current with changing technology through online course-ware and personal projects. In addition to professional Microsoft development, I spend much of my personal time researching and working with open source and emerging technologies.

  • Microsoft Certified Professional and .Net architect for nearly two decades I've seen it all from Classic ASP to ASP Core. Whether you've got an existing Microsoft Based project or you're looking to dive into the Microsoft universe, I have the experience you need to make sure you're project is a success.

  • Open Source and Emerging technologies are impossible to ignore. They're rapidly taking over the market, and for good reason. With speed, agility and minimal cost, they make the ideal platform for companies wishing to run with low resources and cost. I make it a point to stay on top of current technologies through self-study and personal projects to make sure my clients get the tech stack they want and I can hit the ground running.

  • According to the Three Virtues of a Great Programmer laziness, at least proverbially, is a virtue that drives me. Automation can free developers of the tedious tasks, while making sure they're executed with machine precision. Implementing Continuous integration, Delivery and Deployment, gives any team the confidence in knowing that their customers will receive updated projects quickly and accurately. I have extensive experience introducing and maintaining automation to new projects with great success.

  • Interviewing is time consuming. Misappropriated and underutilized resources are costly.


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