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Rosetta Stone

Engineering manager responsible to consolidation, update and enhancement if global marketing and product content. Improved maintainability and reduced foot

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Stepping in as CTO to organize existing technical resources and develop a plan for product development and customer acquisition.

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Contract to upgrade Inventory control systems from .Net 1.1 to current technologies and structure. Reducing code by as much as 50% through implementation of common API and reusable Nuget and clientside components.

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Intense front end development to bring the action from the sports field to the browser in under six seconds! Latest front end technologies used to five daily Fantasy Sports the best user experience possible.

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Pushing health management to the client and to your neighborhood pharmacy with interactive and interconnected kiosks and supporting user and administrative web based dashboards.

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Contemporary technologies to provide a nimble and agile application to supplement a monolithic inventory management system. Automating processes to better facilitate daily research and inventory management.

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Building applications to support the Department of Defense. From Family and Relocation Services to HealthCare and Wounded Warrior Counseling, applications built on top of a proprietary content management system used to help our countries service men and woman.

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Engineering Manager, Polyglot Programmer, Perpetual Autodidact, and Technology Fanatic

For over 20 years I have dedicated my career to the growth and success of any organization both through leadership and engineering. Whether the company has 5 or 5000 employees, I pride myself in being able to quickly learn, adapt, and create a strategy to meet the needs of the project, the team, and the organization. I have extensive experience jumping into active projects and teams with a focus of improving efficiency and quality of output. Through adding team processes and working with stakeholders, the goal in all of my projects is to deliver actionable tasks to the developers and set appropriate expectations to all involved. Organizing the most effective team, choosing the right technologies, the proper application architecture, and implementing the necessary process to produce the right solution for the organization is my professional passion.

  • As a leader, I place emphasis on understanding the needs and goals of each member of my team. I strongly believe that maintaining a positive and productive attitude is crucial to a productive development team. By leading with this example, I cultivate teams who share an emphasis on support, collaboration, and collective improvement. Outside of project work, I love to offer the team skills improvement through tech talks, innovation projects, and short term goal setting. This has resulted in dedicated, devoted employees with a near flawless retention rate.

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  • In my free time I enjoy keeping current with emerging technologies through online course-ware and personal projects. I've recently started mentoring both through professional services and through my professional network. Working with up and coming developers to give them the tech and soft skills needed to land their dream job.

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