Automagically Register Local DNS server on VPN Connect (Windows)

As an independent contractor, I work with a number of companies.  Each one has their own networking structure, their own VPN rules and their own business software and processes.     Because of this, I have my own software for CRM, project Management and accounting that I run on a local server.  I run my Read more about Automagically Register Local DNS server on VPN Connect (Windows)[…]

.Net Publishing Error “ASPCONFIG: allowDefinition=’MachineToApplication'” RESOLVED!!!

For years, I’ve been plagued with the following error message when I publish Visual Studio MVC/WEB Api projects: error ASPCONFIG: It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition=’MachineToApplication’ beyond application level. This error can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an application in IIS. It doesn’t matter if Read more about .Net Publishing Error “ASPCONFIG: allowDefinition=’MachineToApplication'” RESOLVED!!![…]

Wiki My World (Part 2): The Reckoning

As with all web based software, it’s important to pay attention to security.  In writing the previous article, “Wiki My World“, I casually installed MediaWiki with the idealistic fantasy that anyone with relevant technical information could and would contribute freely as they saw fit.  What I received in return was a big headache and a battle with my Read more about Wiki My World (Part 2): The Reckoning[…]

My Virtual Workspace

Most production environments today are running in some form of private (or public) cloud.  With hardware performance and capacity increasing and costs decreasing it’s hard to argue that virtualized servers make sense.  But why stop at servers? Why not virtualize your development environment?  This is a question I posed about two years ago.  I challenged myself Read more about My Virtual Workspace[…]

My Virtual Workspace – VM Setup

The VM setup There’s not much I can say for the setup and management of virtual machines in each of the respective hypervisor suites that hasn’t been said better bu the manufacturer or the vastness of the web.  I will, however, offer a few potentially time saving tips from my experiences. Virtual Drives Use VHD Read more about My Virtual Workspace – VM Setup[…]

My Virtual Workspace – Hypervisor Software

Hypervisor Software “A hypervisor or virtual machine monitor (VMM) is a piece of computer software, firmware or hardware that creates and runs virtual machines.” ~ “Hypervisor” on Wikipedia Now that you have capable hardware, the next step is selecting your hypervisor software.  Until recently, this has been a pretty thin market with only a couple of very targeted options.  Now, Read more about My Virtual Workspace – Hypervisor Software[…]

My Virtual Workspace – Hardware

Hardware Requirements The first step in virtualizing your development environment is making sure your hardware can handle what you’re about to throw at it.  Plan before you make this leap.  Doing it right can make you much more productive.  Doing it wrong can end up with reinstalling corrupt operating systems and possibly losing valuable data. Read more about My Virtual Workspace – Hardware[…]

Get Email/SMS notifications when your IP changes (Linux)

A few days ago, I decided to take a break from my home office and bang on the keys at the local coffee shop.  Like a responsible and security conscious developer, I have a secured VPN tunnel to my home network that helps keep prying eyes out of my network.  I get my grande venti Read more about Get Email/SMS notifications when your IP changes (Linux)[…]