Director of Software Development

Monrovia, CA

Since 1995, Stayhealthy® has worked with prominent clinicians and research professionals around the world to develop highly accurate, accessible and affordable health measurement solutions. Building on a reputation for excellence in the research community, Stayhealthy is now offering FDA-cleared, clinically validated, personalized health assessment and monitoring products and services directly to consumers and organizations.

Served as Director of Software Development, Principle Architect and Build Master. Director duties included staffing, training, project management, and process development. Architect responsibilities with assessing and mitigating technical debt, designing a scalable API based platform for current and future needs, and developing company coding and style conventions. As build master I installed, configured, and maintained the continuous integration process, managed deployment and versioning for all products, and enforced established standards for all products to be released.

Projects: HealthCenter Kiosk, Administrative Portal, Consumer Dashboard, Vendor API, Continuous Integration


  • Programming:Asp.Net MVC & Web API, WCF, JavaScript
  • Servers:  IIS, SQL Server
  • Operating Systems: Windows Server
  • Applications: CruiseControl.Net, Jenkins

Stayhealthy HealthCenter Kiosk  Stayhealthy Customer Dashboard

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